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Display grid on the screen. Used to define symmetry during setup creation.
Gingival visibility switcher. Provides the ability to see and work with roots while creating a setup.
Visualization of teeth contacts of opposite jaws - occlusions.
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Displaying the position of the teeth from the scans simultaneously with the displaced ones. Allows to analyze the displacement of the teeth relative to the original position.
Labels in the interdental space, showing the values of the distances between adjacent teeth.
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Upper jaw
Upper jaw visibility switcher.
Lower jaw
Lower jaw visibility switcher.
A tool for installing attachments from a given library. With their help, the force from the aligner is transferred to the tooth on which the element is fixed. Attachments can be edited, scaled, moved, or rotated with the use of the tools available.
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Bite ramps
A tool for installing bite ramps from a given library. Auxiliary elements for correcting a deep bite. Bite ramps can be edited, scaled, moved, or rotated with the use of the tools available.
A tool for installing elastics of selected type – Button or Hook. Elements on an aligner or tooth used to provide assistive forces to move teeth and jaws. The user can edit the elastic shape.
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Pontic installation tool. Tooth-like elements that are placed in the places of missing teeth for aesthetic purposes, as well as to add strength to the aligner. The user can edit pontic shape and move pontics like teeth.
A tool for creating space in the dentition by sawing off the mesial and distal sides of the teeth.
Teeth contours
Segmentation contour visibility switcher.
John Smith
Patient photos
Photo of the patient from different angles.

Grid: Tool for editing the step and opacity of the grid on the scene.

Ruler: Tool for measuring transversal and sagittal distances between segments on the scene.

Model Analysis
Values calculated as a result of Bolton Analysis, Tonn Analysis, Pont Analysis. Anthropometric measurements that allow to display the information about the excess or lack of space in the dentition.
Jaw displacement
Creating a virtual mandibular displacement.
Tool for editing surfaces by smoothing, extrusion and intrusion.
Treatment plan
Panel for treatment planning by editing tooth movement trajectories, creating a sequence of movements, controlling velocities and collisions, automatic optimization, creating overcorrection and managing the lifetime of objects.
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Tuning table
Table with the coordinates of the displacement of the teeth. Designed to create a movement of the specified value and with a specific step.
Virtual articulator
Virtual simulation of mandibular movement
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Gizmo coordinate system
Tool for switching between coordinate systems within which the tooth moves. Coordinate systems: Absolute - all selected teeth move in the coordinate system of the first selected tooth; Relative - each tooth moves in its own coordinate system; Arch - all teeth move in the arch coordinate system.
Degree of movement
Tool to switch movement type: free movement, side movement, rotation crown movement, rotation root movement, rotation mesial movement, rotation distal movement.
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